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I’ve been officially accepted to my school and degree of choice.  I wasn’t worried, but it’s nice that it’s official so I can begin to move forward.

I think I have it figured out.  I kept going back and forth about classes, with the MDiv program, wondering if it would be adequate for teaching.  Then I stumbled upon, and remembered, the ThM.  Oh yes.  My plan, fleshed out, is to get an MDiv online in the next two-ish years, then head to the school itself and take two to three semesters to get the ThM (which is not offered online).

Now I just have to think about how to get the funds.  I don’t need a lot, but I need more than I have and more than I will have with any amount of ease.  But I’d really like to get through without having to take out loans.  If you are feeling benevolent and would like to donate money to my grad school fund, just let me know. :)

I am excited though.  I can’t wait to print out a degree completion plan and begin figuring out class loads.  I used to get such a kick out of that in my undergrad.  I’d sit up late at night, checklist in one hand, pencil in another and an academic catalog in my lap.  I’d scribble down one thing, erase it, write another, flip through pages, map out class plans, check schedules and love every moment of it.

I’m kind of a nerd. :)


Growing up, I subscribed to the idea that men, and men alone, should be in what I deemed “real” ministry.  Women could do ministry so long as it pertained to other women and small children, or the dishes.  Of course, I typically also saw one or two men leading a congregation of no more than 150 people.  The balance seemed fine to me.  There weren’t, so far as I noticed, any gaps between need and supply.

 In Bible College, all of my professors were men, which made sense to me.  But I quickly found out that most of these men supported the idea of women in ministry and women teaching men.  I wasn’t sure what to do with that at first.  I ended up modifying my stance to include that women could be in a position of authority in ministry if there were no qualified men around.  This covered for the women in the mission field.  Because by then I had begun to see the lack of men willing to engage in ministry, especially in overseas missions.

 Eventually, I did modify my viewpoint significantly, allowing for women to be in all types of ministry/teaching roles, short of being the lead pastor of a church.  I still believe men should be in spiritual leadership over women.  And I think this is clearly taught from the very beginning of Genesis and onward.

 But what I have noticed, as I and my fellow women are engaged in various ministries, is the distinct lack of men alongside us.  Even many of the same men who restrict certain ministry roles for women frequently do not step up to fill those roles.  I have theories about why there is this lack of action, but they are merely theories.  

 So what’s a woman to do?  I’m not going to step down and hope that the men around me will see the ever-widening gap and then desire to step up.  But I will keep on keeping on and hope that the men around me will decide to take notice and act.

The longer I go through life single, the more I think I want to stay that way.

I really enjoy the freedom that comes with singleness.  There’s no one expecting anything from me, no one to consider as I make decisions, no one to hold me back.  I can do what I want, go where I want, see who I want.  (Free like the wind, free to come and go as I please.)  And I don’t think this is a bad thing.

I’m hoping to start grad school this fall, as I’ve mentioned before.  And I’m trying to figure out if I can take classes (albeit online) full-time and work full-time.  And save enough money to pay for it plus move out on my own.  I have a feeling I won’t be moving out or working full-time.  It’d only be another two years.  I can make it another two years, right?

Oh the questions that plague me. ;)

Part of my attempting to eat healthier includes a component of trying to eat real, “whole” foods.  Food that I know what it is, where it came from, how it was handled…  I mean, to whatever extent you can say you know that.

Point being, I feel like I don’t do too bad overall.  But the one shining example of where I failed completely was my morning coffee.  Every morning, I make Tully’s Madison blend (yum!) and dutifully pour in my non-fat, French Vanilla creamer.  And while the brand I chose is slightly better than the other choices (I do check ingredient lists), I was still aware that it was overly processed, full of chemicals, not a real food at all.

And so, I have taken the plunge.  I am now using raw sugar and half & half in my coffee.  And you know what?  It’s pretty good.  Plus I get to know that it has a way better chance of being healthy than my previously used alternative.

By the way, if you haven’t used raw sugar before, you really should.  It’s delicious.

There is something very intoxicating about a good haircut.  My stylist is fantastic, and I always leave feeling like a million bucks.

Lately I have been making a conscious effort to eat healthier.  Unfortunately, I must not be getting enough calories, or am not planning in proper snacks or stick-to-you foods, because I’ll feel fine right after I eat, but it won’t take long before I’m hungry again.  I’ll figure it out one of these days.

Work has been crazy lately, but as it feels like it is all I do and breathe, I don’t want to talk about it here.

While in a small central Washington town this week (for work), I randomly met a woman who went to Prairie back in the day.  How weird is that?  We had a really great conversation, though.  It had to be a God thing, in some way.

I also spent way more money this week than I was supposed to.  First I found this amazing white sweatshirt jacket thing, with these lovely large buttons.  It’s beautiful.  Then I came across these amazing summer pjs, with lots of bright, bright colors.  I just couldn’t help myself.  Those, along with a new book I just had to buy, cost me about $40.  I suppose it’s not bad, but on a VISTA’s stipend…  Well, I don’t mind.  The clothes were things I’d been keeping my eyes open for anyway.  And I have to support my book addiction…

I’m now on what I’d consider a real vacation, visiting my friend Katie in Idaho for the weekend.  It’s quite lovely.

I painted my toenails florescent pink this afternoon.  It fills my heart with great gladness.

I also worked some on finishing my application to Liberty.  It seems very likely that I will take that path.  It’s exciting to think I could be in school again in a few months.

Plus, my family has this mug that all of us kids fight over.  Well, let me re-phrase.  We don’t fight over it at the moment; although it is a favorite of everyone.  We fight over who gets it when the parents kick the bucket.  (We joke that it is the one thing we will fight over.)  It’s a great mug; it has a picture of this guy in his pjs, laying on the floor with a cup of coffee in his hand.  And the caption reads “One more cup… and I’ll be on my feet.”  I can’t explain why we like it so much, but we do.

All of that to say, I’ve been working my mad photo editing skills.  I took three pictures of the mug, and have edited them together into one.  Then I’ve been fixing it up, making the quality look original (since the photo quality wasn’t great due to not using flash).  I have a feeling if I had real editing software, it would be easier.  But all in all, I’m impressed with my program.  (Get it here, for free; it’s awesome.)  When I’m done, I plan on having it put on mugs, for all of us.  It will be a surprise.  Whee!

Oh!  And I watched the movie “The Proposal” and now I think I want to move to Alaska.  So beautiful!

It’s been over two years since I acquired my bachelor’s degree.  And I think I might have found the right grad school and program for me.  If so, I’ll be starting in the Fall, but it’s online, so I could stay in the area, like I want to do.

I like my friends; I like my church; I like my ministries.  I have no desire to leave as of yet.  (Except for when I dream of Minnesota–all that plaid! wink wink)

I wanted this to be a more intriguing post, perhaps more detailed.  But I am too tired to put forth the effort, so this is all that you get for today.

Ecclesiastes has  long been one of my favourite books of the Bible, even before I studied it under the tutelage of one of my brilliant professors in Bible College and learned that what we normally translate as “vanity” is in fact, a mis-translation.

A better way to translate that word is what the original Hebrew intended, which would be “vapor” or “breath” (transliterated as “hebel”). The idea here is not of the futility of life, but then of the shortness of it.  Vapor has a purpose, as does breath.  Neither could be classified as vanity or meaningless.  Yet, the span of their existence is short, precious and should not be wasted.

I believe that is how God wants us to live our lives, with the knowledge that it does not last forever.  So enjoy what He has given you and live every moment for Him, to the fullest.