Work has been crazy lately, but as it feels like it is all I do and breathe, I don’t want to talk about it here.

While in a small central Washington town this week (for work), I randomly met a woman who went to Prairie back in the day.  How weird is that?  We had a really great conversation, though.  It had to be a God thing, in some way.

I also spent way more money this week than I was supposed to.  First I found this amazing white sweatshirt jacket thing, with these lovely large buttons.  It’s beautiful.  Then I came across these amazing summer pjs, with lots of bright, bright colors.  I just couldn’t help myself.  Those, along with a new book I just had to buy, cost me about $40.  I suppose it’s not bad, but on a VISTA’s stipend…  Well, I don’t mind.  The clothes were things I’d been keeping my eyes open for anyway.  And I have to support my book addiction…

I’m now on what I’d consider a real vacation, visiting my friend Katie in Idaho for the weekend.  It’s quite lovely.