There is a chance I might get a puppy in a few months.  It hasn’t been born yet, which is why it is only a chance and not a for sure.  My dad’s co-worker’s dog is having Paperanian puppies (a mix between Pomeranian and Papillion) and I am on the list for a female.  It will all depend on what is born, since she wants a female and her son wants a male.  The mom dog is 5 lbs, so it’d be a little dog.

Think about it.  I could be one of those purse dog women.  I could carry this little bundle around with me like a child.  But have no fear, I will not do such a heinous thing.  A dog is a dog, no matter the size.

The caveat for me to get a puppy, whilst still at home, is that when I finally do move out, it comes with me.  That’s not a problem.  I’ve been wanting a puppy for quite some time now.  I do wonder if my cat would try to eat it.  I hope not.

I’m trying to not get too hopeful/excited in case it doesn’t work out.  I know it would add to my workload, what with starting grad school in the fall, but I’m certain I could handle it.  Oo, the possibilities!