Every so often I have moments of slight to medium panic when I think about grad school (online) starting the end of August.  How will I pay for it?  Will I be able to work and do full-time studies?  Will I ever manage to learn Greek and Hebrew?  Then, that reminds me: I must, must, must begin to work in my books I purchased (see previous post). 

Today, I started in my Greek textbook.  According to the author, if I work through two lessons a day, six days a week, I will get through the book in one month.  It sounds feasible.  But all I did today was copy the alphabet onto flashcards, and now I am practicing the sounds of the letters.

The other night, I babysat my nieces, and when my brother and sister-in-law came home, I mentioned to them about leaving in a year or two to go to grad school.  My eight-year-old niece overheard me and started crying.  I felt terrible.  I did not tell her that I might not get to come back to the area, that it all depends on where I manage to find a teaching position…  I really don’t like the idea of leaving.  Alas.

It’s much harder to leave children than adults.  Adults understand; children do not.