My Memorial Day was restful and fun.  Restful in the sense that I was able to relax and enjoy myself, not in the way that I sat and did nothing.  A couple friends and I took a girls-only trip into the city.  We rode the bus there, as that is the best way to do these things.  Then we wandered, ate delicious lamb gyros, had lovely gelato, wandered some more, shopped a bit, had appetizers, shopped some more, then came home.  We had a full day of it. 

I bought perfume for the first time ever.  I think I like the scent.  I am pretty sensitive to most scents, so I have never bothered buying any in the event I would not be able to wear it.  It’s very citrusy, a combination of passion fruit & raspberry nectar.  I just bought the baby container (.25 oz) as I am not ready to commit to the big size (1.7 oz).  Ooo, and it’s from Victoria Secret, their Live Pink scent (in the yellow container).

Lately, I have been indulging in many things that I never did previously, usually because I was afraid it “wasn’t me” or some other silly reason.  It has been invigorating.  Simple things, like fun hoodies or different styles of skirts/dresses/etc.  Or even trying a perfume out. 

I like it.