How has it been nearly a week already since I posted?

My supervisor seems to have remembered that I am done with my AmeriCorps*VISTA year in two months, so has been giving me much more work to do… That combined with all the things I told myself I’d have done by the end of my year has given me more than enough to fill my days.   I’ve been having some fun with graphic design, plus was given the go-ahead to re-design the logo for our department, so that’s a lot of work so far, but I enjoy it.

And, since I started LiveStrong, I’ve lost 8 pounds.  Although, I don’t know if I like the terminology of “losing” weight.  I’m not losing it.  I am working to get rid of this weight; it is not magically disappearing.  I just want to be back to my pre-college weight.  It is possible, and is going to happen.

We had a beautiful day here today.  I love where I live.