Considering the deep connection I feel with music, it is surprising that I’ve never let it have a bigger role in my life.  It’s like I take this thing that thrills me, that speaks to me, that makes sense, and I squash it down.  I tell music it can take the unused corner of my room and the leftover space under my bed.  It will collect dust, but it is there when I decide I want to entertain the idea again.

There are so many times when a song can express a feeling I could never express, and even more so for instrumental music, when there are no words to muddy the meaning.  Or the times when I just need to pull out one of my instruments and play in order to sort out my emotions.

What is it about music that speaks to our souls in such a way?  Does everyone feel that way or only some of us?  I cannot imagine living without music.

I remember this, and I wonder why my guitar sits largely un-played and why  my flute sits out of sight, out of use.  I used to dream of being in a symphony someday, but somewhere along the line I decided that it was not a practical life goal, so I gave up.

Dancing is another expression where music speaks to me.  I do not want it to go by the wayside.