Nearly every morning when I look in the mirror for a final check before I walk out the door, I utter the words, “good enough.”  It might be my shoes, my hair or my lack of make-up (among many other possibilities) that prohibit my final appraisal of being “good,” but it is always something.

I tend to be content with “good enough” when I suspect better is attainable.  It was how I survived high school.  I could have been a 4.0 student if I cared to be.  Instead, I contented myself with “good enough”: mostly A’s with a few B’s thrown in.  I felt no need to push myself that extra bit that would have been required for a better grade point average.  I didn’t mind then, and looking back, I don’t mind now.

I have always worked the jobs that would give me what I needed for the time, such as money and the right hours, but have rarely worked a job that would give me satisfaction.  I have settled for “good enough” in this arena, also.

I am currently looking at LASIK because after wanting it for 16 years, I have finally been given the approval to see if I am a candidate, but am wondering if the risks outweigh the probable benefits.  I can see, even if I depend on my glasses.  What if I am one of the statistics who end up with worse vision?  Aren’t my eyes good enough?

But I am now asking myself if whether I have short-changed my life by accepting “good enough” when “good” is available.  Am I fully living with what I have been given or am I settling?  I’m really not sure.