One week left.  The question is: can I find a job?  I’ve finally made a decision.  I want to move to the city.  It is time.  So I am job hunting there and hoping that I’ll get something that pays enough to let me afford to move out.

I’ve also been scanning the ads for apartments, to get an idea of what’s out there.  One said it didn’t matter if you had a criminal background, just so long as you had a steady job.  Another one didn’t have a kitchen (that still baffles me).  Then several of the ads don’t have bedrooms (the loft/studio type).  I want it all, though.  I want one bedroom, a kitchen, a washer & dryer in the apartment, a bathroom with a tub, preferably wood flooring, bright/clean space, good location and all for $650 or so a month.

But first, a job.  I’ve been mostly applying for administrative assistant positions.  Someone will hire me eventually.  Hopefully sooner than later.