It’s interesting to me that there is always a demographic of people who feel it is their very purpose in life to make other people feel bad.  Now, they disguise this with good intentions (but the path to hell is paved with good intentions, as we all know), but the result is so vicious, that it is hard to imagine a different purpose.  And a majority of the time, these people are Christians.  So they get a double whammy of being able to approach you with “good intentions” and also the backing of God.  But I do not believe that God intends for His followers to tear people down.  To point out every conceived fault and flaw, regardless of accuracy, and to claim that it is so the other person can be more like Christ.

It’s bull.

Most of us have people in our lives that we allow to speak into us.  These tend to be trusted and true friends, those who have been around long enough to know us, those who actually do speak their words in love and kindness.  These friends speak with the intention of building up, not with the intention of tearing down.  And never is there the self-righteous attitude that many of the above mentioned folk bring to the table.  There’s not a “holier than thou” attitude; they are instead clothed in humility and truth.

If we should ever wonder why the world doesn’t like Christians, I should like to join in and say I don’t, either, and I’m a Christian.