God has blessed me with some really amazing friends in my life.  They support me, they love me, they care for me, they are the encouragement I need.  These past few days I’ve been extraordinary appreciative for the friends I have.  So, friends, thank you.  You are the peanut butter to my jam, the frame to my picture, the broom to my dustpan. 

I saw some  Prairie people today.  We went to a pub, but I brought along a few friends from school, so I had to leave earlier than I would have liked.  However, in line with my unfortunate propensity for doing embarrassing things, I spilled my drink all over my lap right before we were starting to head out.  I laughed it off, but do wonder if I will ever learn to be graceful.  Ah, well.

I hear there is good climbing  in Portland.  Perhaps, in lieu of good swing dancing, I can get back into climbing on a regular basis.  That would be wonderful.  If I can find time, places and a partner, I might have it made.  I hear there is a place really close to where I live, so I must look into that.

That is all for now.