I tell you the truth, I do not appreciate creepy men flirting with me.  Yesterday at the grocery, a middle-aged man kept telling me he liked my smile, that I had a beautiful smile, that he loved that I was smiling.  I ran away (nearly ran, moved quickly and found my shopping buddy who I stuck much closer to after that).  Today while driving (driving, no less), a construction worker made kissing gestures at me.  I refused to make eye contact and was glad I was able to keep driving past.  I do not understand what it is with men.  It is not as if I am one of those stunning women who is used to attention.  I am fairly average and glad for it.  When things like this happen, I feel like the balance of life is out of whack.

But onto better things.

Last night was one of those nights that I couldn’t stay inside, that I had to be outside.  The moon was full, the sky a deep indigo, the clouds a smoky charcoal.  I convinced one of my friends to walk to the graveyard with me, where we read headstones for a while.  Then we sat in a nearby church parking lot, watching the clouds pass in front of the moon, and talked about life and faith and theology.  By the time we left, I was frozen from sitting outside on the ground, but it was worth it.  There can’t be much better than enjoying God’s creation, on such a beautiful, clear night, with a friend.