When I graduated from highschool and began my collegiate career, I told God I wouldn’t do homework on Sundays.  It would be my day each week where I would rest, where I could see friends, where I could just not have to worry.  I kept that up during my entire undergrad, all 7.5 years of it.  One month into seminary and I have decided that while it is a nice idea, it’s not panning out anymore.

I feel okay about my decision, and here’s why:  The sheer amount of work I have to do overwhelms me to the point where I cannot rest on Sundays anyway.  Most of my homework is Bible based, also.  So for me right now, it is more restful to know I am working toward getting homework done than to know it is not being done and it is due in a day or two.  Plus, it’s really mostly spending time in the Word, which can’t be seen as bad.  There is nothing against studying Scripture on a Sabbath.

I admit, it is strange for me, and I almost feel like I am compromising, but if I believe in the principle of Sabbath more than the legality of it, I am okay.  I get rest; I take it when I need it.  And perhaps this is God telling me I can’t rely on my own institutions anymore.  I’ve gone for years telling people I always take Sabbath and that it’s never backfired, but maybe I took too much on my own abilities and not enough on God’s blessing.  Regardless, this is how it is and homework will be done.  And let me tell you, I feel rested today.