For my Ethics class, we have to write a position paper on a debated ethical issue.  I plan to write against civil disobedience.

Now, I haven’t done my research yet, so don’t jump all over me.  Know that thus far, my argument is in bits and pieces.  Regardless, I don’t see much call in the Bible for civil disobedience.  On the contrary, I see much that speaks against it (excepting, of course, when civil law prohibits one of God’s laws, which would be higher).  I plan on investigating passages such as Romans 13 and Daniel 6.  I want to draw principles from passages such as Jeremiah 29:1-9.  I will look at the life of Jesus, how He came as Messiah versus the Jews’ ideas of what Messiah meant. 

I’m actually really excited to be able to research this topic and to write this paper.  I think it will be fascinating, and I’m curious to see how my ideas about it will hold up under scrutiny.  I have no intention of including feelings on the matter, so just because someone likes an idea, it means nothing to me.  I want to see what the Bible infers about civil disobedience, rather than what we humans think.

A caveat: just because I am against civil disobedience does not mean I am okay with social injustice.  I am entirely for working toward social justice.  I just think that as Christians, we ought to be doing so in a God-honoring way.  So, if God has told us to respect our leaders and to do what our governmental authority tells us, then we should be working with the system in appropriate ways to change it, rather than working against it in inappropriate ways.