Every time to sit down to write a blog, I realize that all I have to talk about is school-related.  So, frequently, I just don’t.  However, this is where I am in life, so perhaps I should just be okay with writing about my life, instead of trying to make it more interesting.

I’m not used to being so far behind so early on in the semester.  But next week, I have two midterms, a project and an outline due.  I am a little more than halfway done on the project, have a very bare rough draft of my outline and have yet to study at all for my midterms, one of which is in Greek.  Yikes.  Plus, I am helping a friend with a paper he has due next week.  So, add it all together and you can see that my schedule is a bit insane.  These are the times when I question my decision to come to seminary.  And yet, I know that God brought me here and has me here for a reason.  Even in just the friendships I have made, I am so glad I came. 

Now, in a completely unrelated note, you must-must-must check out Wong Fu on YouTube.  One of my friends and I waste copious amounts of time watching their videos, but they are so well done that it is definitely worth every minute.  They are simply amazing.