I have a tendency to not accept good in my life.  I do not think I am alone in this, however…  This is a general statement, but I am thinking specifically of accepting good from others.

One of my friends suggested that women, especially, and myself in particular, are used to being the ones that give.  Receiving puts us in an awkward position because we are not used to it, and it takes the power/control away from us.  We become vulnerable when we allow ourselves to receive instead of/in addition to giving.  And who can deny that it is healthier to be able to both give and to receive?

But there is something in me that does not like receiving, that does not trust it, that feels like it is too good to be true or it will backfire or all sorts of things that could happen.  But if we never risk, we never grow and we never experience.  Who knew that receiving good from others equated taking a risk?

So I’ll remind myself that good is good, and I will work on being okay with accepting it in my life.