Last night, I had a real Friday night.  I went with a friend to a movie at the local cheap theatre.  We watched Inception and had a beer (it is one of those lovely theatres that serves food and alcohol).  I don’t often get a Friday night, so it was really nice to go off campus and enjoy myself.

Tonight, we have considered going bouldering.  Might it be that I could have a real weekend in the midst of homework and seminary?  Hope springs eternal.

The semester is more than half over.  Christmas break will be welcome, but I know I’ll be eager to get back to school, back to my friends here, back to the life I have created.  And next semester, praise be, it looks like all of my classes will be in the afternoon, so I will be able to sleep in.  Working so late at night, with morning classes, has not been good for me.  With a lack of sleep, I tend to become the worst version of myself.

In other news, in a little more than a week, I will be in Atlanta for the annual ETS meeting.  I can’t wait.