Jon Acuff’s Serious Wednesday post is definitely worth a read.  Sometimes, I still feel like that kid that no one wants to play with.

I was talking with a classmate about our Biblical Theology class.  And he told me that a grade in the high 80’s was good for this professor, which is around where my grade is.  A small portion of me felt comforted by this statement, but most of me is still annoyed that I only have a B in the class, despite how much I’ve worked at it.  I let myself feel pressured by the ThM requirements of a 3.5.

It is Wednesday.  And on Monday after my evening class I’ll drive home.  And on Tuesday morning, I’ll fly to Atlanta where I’ll have a glorious 3.5 days of freedom from seminary.  (Minus the fact I will be working on Greek and writing a paper that week.)  I’m planning on having dinner with a friend from Bible College the night I fly in, and I have my mentor and my favourite professor who are both going to be there.  Can the week somehow speed up?

Now back to Greek.  I have a quiz in 35 minutes, but I’m almost ready.