I have a Greek final tomorrow.  I haven’t studied yet.  It’s 10:40am.  And I’m still in my pjs, drinking coffee.  I have nothing to do today except review Greek, until work tonight.

Speaking of work, I was offered a better position by my supervisors, so I’m accepting it.  Next year, instead of cleaning the gym at night, I’ll be on carpet crew.  I hear that it is the best cleaning job on campus, plus it’s more hours, but only on three days (instead of five).  And the best part is that I don’t have to work Sundays anymore, so I can go dancing on Sundays.  [Side Note: When I dance on a regular basis, I am even happier single than I usually am: all that male attention–who would need a significant other?]

Also, I was drawn from the list to be able to apply for healthcare from the state.  Praise the Lord.  Now I just hope I am truly eligible.  Next, I plan to apply for food stamps.  Here’s the thing: I used to be against state aid, feeling that you should take care of yourself.  Well, here I am, at grad school, working the hours I can manage, and I can’t make enough money to feed myself and I certainly don’t have health insurance.  (My folks have given me money to buy groceries every month.)  I’m a hard worker; I don’t intend to be on government aid my whole life, just until I can get a bit more self-sufficient.  And I’ve paid into it my whole working life.

Oh, and I’m thinking of looking into Mission organizations and perhaps applying.