Sezme Sesame Snaps are delicious.  Sesame seeds, sugar and honey.  I wonder how hard it would be to make my own?

My folks got me a mortar and pestle for Christmas, then also bought me a knife set.  I am glad that I’m finally feeling like I have proper tools for the kitchen.

Canada was great, although it poured the entire time.  One day it even sleeted.  The day I left, the skies were bright blue, birds were singing, and I was leaving.  Drat the weather.

School starts tomorrow.  I am still trying to get settled back in.  Yesterday, I got to my apartment at 3pm, mostly unpacked, figured out my next two-week meal plan, went shopping, had dinner, then went to happy hour with a group of people from school.

And then I heard that our entrance exam for Greek II isn’t for three weeks.  I studied all Christmas break to ensure I would be ready to take it tomorrow.  Blast.  At least I’m ahead, right?