Forgive me if most of my blogs center around grad school.  It’s just, my mind is empty of all else.  The workload is immense, and surprises me each week with the busy work I am assigned.  I thought we would have been past busy work by this stage.  I mean, honestly, how am I supposed to work on the big stuff when the small stuff takes all my time?

Tonight, however, there is a game night.  And by game night, I don’t mean sports, but board games.  We’re cool like that in seminary.  I’m looking forward to it: it’s a great opportunity to get together with fellow students for something other than study groups!  I’m going to make peanut butter cookies, but sadly, from a mix because pb cookies from scratch cost too much (i.e. peanut butter is expensive).  There are things I never thought I would stoop to, but moving out on my own and being excessively poor (thanks to school) has brought me to new lows.

I’m back to wanting babies.  I blame all of my friends (the myriad of them) who are either pregnant or just had a baby.  And then they post these pictures of such cute and cuddly little bambinos.  And I just want one.  Or two.   And, let’s be real here, folks: I’m not getting any younger.  Time is ticking, and so with it, go my opportunities.  Who knew that I would fall prey to the biological clock?

However, I must get back to my homework, because between needing to make dinner, cookies and go to a game night, I don’t have much time left for actual school work.  I need a wife.  Well, you know what I mean.  I was walking with my co-workers the other day and they were talking about how awesome their wives are: how they’ll have dinner ready so these guys can eat on their break and get back to work in a timely fashion.  And I realized that I will never get a wife, I’ll only ever be the wife (provided I get married).  Drat!