A big thanks to my roommate who made banana bread and shared some with me this morning for breakfast.  That with my D’Anjou pear and coffee was a great morning meal.  And just so you can have the full picture, my musical selection this morning is Straight No Chaser’s With a Twist.

Life’s been full of ups and downs lately.  I suppose that is how life goes.  But it feels exacerbated by the fact that I’m in something of a transition scholastically.  As in, I have no idea what I am doing here, other than the fact that God has me here.  Is that how life is supposed to be?  I can’t seem to get over the idea I had as a young child that once you become an adult, everything is figured out. What a lie!  C’est la vie.

An upside to all this: Greek is a constant in my life.  I can count on it, and I know it will work.  And I get all sorts of enjoyment out of translation.  Plus, in just a few short weeks, we get to start translating 1 John.  I am so excited to finally start in the Bible.

Now to actually do something with my day.