I went “home” to my folks’ house this weekend to visit friends (and see new babies) and to celebrate my brother’s 30th birthday and one of my niece’s 4th birthday.  And three things are uppermost on my mind from my visit: snow, friends and family.

One, I cannot believe how much it has snowed this weekend.  It’s the end of February; this is uncommon.  My hope is for clear roads as I drive home (to school) tomorrow.  I like snow when I get to stay inside.  Not when I have to be out and about with crazy drivers who don’t know what to do with snow.  At least I have my four years in Alberta.

Two, I love being home and seeing friends.  I’m still finding my niche at school, so I haven’t developed a friend group like I have here.  My entire weekend has been one social engagement after the other, and if I had more time, I know there would have been more friends to see.  It reminds me that there are people who love me for me, who think I’m worthwhile, who enjoy my company.

Three, if there is one glaring area where I need to work on loving people, it’s definitely with my family.  I try so hard, but find myself failing so miserably.  And it’s not that I don’t love my family, they are my family after all, but that I need to show that love in a Christ-like manner, instead of becoming impatient or frustrated or whatever reaction I may have.

I’m glad I got my homework done for next week before coming home because I didn’t get one thing done.  Oops.  But it has been a very good weekend.