1. I love Jesus, but usually fail at showing His love.

2. I already know what I want for my second tattoo, even though I haven’t gotten my first yet.

3. I’m known for being organized and I do not like it.

4. I’m still figuring out how to be girly.

5. I’m really sensitive on the inside.

6. I think nectarines and avocados are some of the most seductive fruits ever.

7. I’m a choc-aholic.

8. For awhile, I thought I was allergic to oatmeal, but now I don’t think I am.

9. I can listen to the same song/album over and over again.  Until it makes everyone else crazy.

10. I’ve journaled since I was 13.  That’s 15 years.

11. I only cry about once a year or two.

12. I really love the Harry Potter books.  Someday I’m going to Harry Potter World.

13. I want a puppy.  Preferably a toy poodle.

14. I write poetry.  I don’t show it to anyone because one time, I won a contest and had to read my poetry at the NW Bookfest.  It was traumatic.

15. I only started buying DVDs about a year ago.  I own 38.

16. I am in love with Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You.

17. I would pick Mr. Knightley over Mr. Darcy any day.

18. I want to be published someday.

19. I love the color pink, especially raspberry pink.

20. I keep my Amazon Wish List updated and categorized.  That said, if you ever feel the need to buy something, let me know.

21. I really like the smell of old books.

22. I have a thing for musicians.

23. I like to use Canadian spellings when I can.

24. I ruin almost every outfit with my choice of shoes.

25. I really like country music, but I don’t own any.  I only listen to it on the radio.