I have this idea of highlighting a few of the blogs I keep up on…  For instance, I have a friend in Laos right now who is blogging about her experiences there teaching English and being a light for Jesus.  And she has a great way of expressing herself; its something more people should read.

That said, what do you think?  If I went through the blogs I read, maybe shared an example post from them?  Most of them seem to write stuff that I only wish I was writing, so maybe this is the way of saying what resonates me with, even though I’m not expressing it myself.  And I love sharing my interests with others…  For good or bad.  Hopefully good.

Also, a question: if I wanted to do something like that, what is the kosher way to go about it?  Do I have to ask said blogger or do I assume that since it’s on the world wide web, it’s free game provided it’s all linked up and properly attributed?