This will be the worst blog ever if you don’t know about languages or Greek in particular, so if you don’t read it, I won’t feel bad.

One, I can translate really well, but my parsing is substandard.  (My friend B saves my butt every week on that.  I get the letters ‘S’ and ‘P’ mixed up, along with the numbers ‘1’ and ‘3’ and even mix them with each other, such as a ‘1’ for a ‘S’ and so on.)  But my translation is, more often that not, nearly perfect.  How on earth does that even work?

Two, all the verb forms are starting to get to me.  I can’t tell how to know a contract verb from a subjunctive, unless the subjunctive has one of it’s ‘red flag words.’  This frustrates me greatly.  So I guess a lot of the time, but still, I translate correctly.  Beyond that, all the forms that we’ve barely worked with, such as imperatives, freak me out because I’m afraid I’ll miss them.  If I know a word, I can figure out what it is in context without the parsing, but that’s not kosher for class.

If it weren’t for the parsing and those little details, I’d love Greek more than I do already.

Am I going to need this if I do PhD work?  Will I need Hebrew?  ahhhhhhh!