I did it.  I got my first tattoo today.  I was definitely nervous, but definitely excited.  I loved the drawing my artist did, so that made it easy.  I will say this: the first five minutes hurt like hell.  But after the endorphins kicked in, we had a great conversation about faith (he’s agnostic) and the time just flew.  I think it took a little under an hour.  I love it.  Although, I do keep looking down and thinking, “this is never going away.”

It’s still quite red in this picture, as this was taken right after my tattoo was done.  But didn’t the artist do a great job?  I think it looks fantastic.

I think I’ve talked about what my tattoo means already, but in case I didn’t (or in case you’re too lazy to scroll down, for which I do not blame you), I will briefly explain again.  My tattoo is one of the earliest symbols of Christianity; it’s the Chi Rho, which are the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ.  The Chi Rho symbolize Christ, the Chi (X) also represents the crucifixion and the wreath represents the resurrection.  So I essentially have the whole Gospel on my arm.  I’m excited to have the reminder for myself, plus a conversation starter with others.

Love it.