This next week is Spring Break.  I have hopes of getting in around 8 hours of homework every day, in order to catch up and get ahead.  I think it’s possible, especially since every person I generally spend any time with is gone this week.  Sad, right?  But with any luck, if I can keep busy during the days and find things to do at night, I won’t be too lonely.  Sometimes when I’m left alone for a long time (more than a day is considered a long time), I make bad decisions…

In the interest of NOT making bad decisions, I’ve already found a few dance venues: there’s blues dancing both Tuesday and Friday and swing dancing both Thursday and Sunday.  That only leaves Monday, Wednesday and Saturday to fill.  Unless, of course, my arm/tattoo doesn’t feel well enough to have sweaty men touching it by Tuesday, in which case I will have to postpone dancing.  Or if I don’t quite gather the guts to try out blues dancing here.  I’ve heard that where I live, the blues dancing is pretty dirty, so I’m slightly hesitant, but only slightly.

There’s also the zoo, the science museum and a local cheap theatre ($4 tickets).  I’m too wimpy to hike by myself, even if the weather cooperates (animals don’t scare me, but creepy men on trails give me pause).  There is bouldering any of those nights, and if I go on Saturday, maybe I’ll meet that blue haired man who was so nice last time.  He said if I come back on Saturdays, he’ll see me, but sadly, I keep forgetting to go.

I think I can keep myself entertained?  The problem is that I need my alone time, but once I have it, I want people.  This is going to be a long week.