I can’t believe Spring Break is over.  And I hardly got anything done.  I really thought I’d be productive; I really thought I’d get ahead.  Somehow, though, I managed to not even get all of my homework for this week done.  How did that happen?  [Side note: I did get ahead in my reading for one of my classes, which will help immensely.]

I think I’m living under the illusion that I’m still disciplined, when clearly, I have lost all self-discipline.  It is too bad.

I’ve been having not happy dreams lately–probably a by-product of being by myself for so long now.  I’ve had dreams about refusing to reconcile with others, about people telling me what an awful person I am, about all sorts of unpleasant thoughts.  At least today brings me back to normal life as everyone returns from their travels.

A Marriage, by Robert Creeley

The first retainer
he gave to her
was a golden
wedding ring.

The second — late at night
he woke up,
leaned over on an elbow,
and kissed her.

The third and the last —
he died with
and gave up loving
and lived with her.