A year ago today I joined wordpress.  I made the move from xanga, where I’d been for 4 years (since 2006), having moved from livejournal, where I’d blogged since the early 2000’s.  I’m on my third platform and it’s been a journey.

I found the following time line on the first blog:

Present-April 2006: continue to attend Bible college
April 2006: graduate with a BAT (Bachelors of Arts in Theology) degree
May 2006-2008: live at home, get a job, and pay off loan
May 2008-2009: continue working and save money
Summer 2009: go to South America and work in an orphanage
2010-2015: continue to work in orphanage, but look into opening own orphanage where needed as soon as possible

Clearly that didn’t happen.  Although, I did graduate with my BAT (December 2007) and lived at home to pay off my loan (2008-2009).

In the interest of self-disclosure, I am prepared to list links to all my old blogs (there are more than I realized, as I keep finding them).

This Takes the Cake January 2004-October 2006

Keep Running! April 2004-May 2005

Katie’s Contemplations April 2005-March 2006

Hold Here: until I can get a grip February 2006-April 2010

There was one more, but it’s set completely to private, so no one can see it, I guess.  And of course, the most interesting entries on any of those are either private or protected, as I realized glancing through them.  The running one is definitely the lame-est, some sort of attempt by me to inspire myself to exercise.  Moreover, with the first blog, I had blogged since 2000 (I think), but apparently deleted every single entry before January 2004, for some reason.

When I moved to wordpress, it was to get a clean slate, to start over in the blogsphere.  I needed a place where old memories wouldn’t follow me, where my little space in the interweb wasn’t already tainted.  And now, even, I’ve made one more blog, but no one knows where it is except me.  It’s open to any who might trip across it, but since I doubt they will, it’s a “safe” space for me to fully be me.  No repercussions, no worries, no hesitations.  Well, maybe less.

It’s always fascinating to me how I compartmentalize my life.  I’ve really got to quit doing that.