… I hope.  My family is heading home today.  I’m feeling much better (minus bumps, bruises and fractures), and so I think that Greek is on the menu today.  I’ve decided that if I can keep up with Greek, everything else will fall into place.  I can’t work for probably at least two weeks (since my job is so physical and involves so much machinery), so that will help in getting caught up.  Today, I will translate 1 John 4, learn my vocab and study for the quiz.  I don’t want to leave anything til tomorrow because I don’t know my schedule and I might be going to the doctor’s for my post-hospital check-up.  That’s when I’ll get better details, I think.

Car-wise, we’re thinking that my insurance will total the car tomorrow or Tuesday and with any luck, I’ll get a check by the end of the week for a new car.  I think my dad might come back down to help me find one, since I don’t have connections here to help me car shop.  It will be interesting to be without a car; this is the first time since I started driving that I didn’t have access to something.  I will have to rely on the kindness of fellow students if I need something.  And to get to my doctor’s appt, whenever that ends up being.  This will be a good test of the willingness of the campus to be Jesus.  Just kidding.  So far, I’ve been so impressed with my fellow students, especially the guys who were at the scene of the accident helping me out.  All three have checked up on me, made sure I’m okay.  And so many people have offered to help out if I need anything.  So I’m sure I will be fine.

With any luck, this is the last full post you’ll have to read about my recent car and sternum trials.  ha.  Although, maybe you’ll wish for those back because I keep thinking I should blog a bit more academically than I tend to do.  Regardless, have a lovely Sunday.