If you want a good indication of how I’m feeling about life, take a look at my bedroom.  The cleaner it is, the better things are going.  The messier, well, you get the picture.  When my folks came this last weekend, the first thing my dad did when they got to my apartment was comment on the state of my room: “What happened to your room?  It’s never that messy!”  I jokingly said that had I known they were coming, I would have picked up.

Although, as of right now, my excuse is a little different.  I picked up a bit this morning, but it’s not easy to do when you can’t move much.  I’m surprised at how much more energy everything seems to take and how much longer everything takes to do.

Reading worth your time: Servant Magazine, Issue 87.  Read page 4 (article by James Enns, a prof from my undergrad) and page 15 (Phil Callaway is always worth reading).

Now if I can just muster up the energy to get my homework done, I will be golden.  A reflection to write before class this afternoon and two books to read as soon as humanly possible.  This does not count my weekly assignments and papers/final exams that are coming up.