I was watching a show, and I am reminded of how much I love the button-up and cardigan look on a man.  Which led me to desire to list other looks I enjoy seeing on men.*

1. Button-ups and cardigans (however, if you look like Mr. Rogers, that is not a turn-on)

2. Plaid (not the metro-type plaid, but the honest-to-goodness plaid)

3. Forearms (specifically)

4. Rugged (in general)

5. Tattoos (well done & well placed)

There should be more.  But to balance, a list of things I do not like seeing.

1. Skinny  jeans (ew)

2. Low v-necks (moderate is okay)

3. Pants falling off

4. Monochrome (specifically the so-called athletic matching tops & bottoms so you all you see is a wall of one color & fabric)

5. Turtle necks or mock necks

Do not consider this list all inclusive.  I both enjoy and dislike a wide variety of styles, so please feel included even if you didn’t find yourself on either list.  If you want to know how I feel about a certain style, feel free to ask.  (Because you are all dying to know how I feel about men’s fashion, right?)

*Disclaimer: I blame my housebound restrictions as of late for the ridiculousness of posting this on the world wide web.