The back of the ibuprofen bottle says not to use for more than 10 days or you could die.  Okay, it doesn’t say that you could die, but it did say something about bleeding stomach ulcers, which kind of sounds like death because I bet that would greatly limit my ability to drink coffee.  So I decided I should take less than I have been and work my way to not needing pain relievers.  This will work, I think.  So far, so good.  More pain than normal, but nothing tragic.

My eharmony account will expire mid/end of June.  I think I mentioned I signed up because I was bored over Christmas…  Anyway.  I went on one date so far with one boy (the farmer), and that was a dud (poor him).  Did I ever tell what happened?  Zero chemistry.  Then after he called the first time (two days after date), he didn’t call again for two weeks (during which time I figured we were on the same page).  I forgot to check the voicemail for half a week, and could never decide if I should call back, so I never did.  I sort of feel bad for him.  All of that to say, I’m not against sites like eharmony (and it has given me more than my fair share of laughs, trust me), but I don’t think it’s something that can work for me.  I’m much too much wedded to the idea of a relationship developing out of real life, not forced or created, but one that grows as life occurs.  Heading the same direction, walking the same paths.  Forged from friendship.

I really don’t want to do homework.