Here’s my dilemma.  I want to do it all.

I’ve recently been approved to work on the pastoral care team (sounds official, eh?) at a local transition house for women (& their children) who are going through drug/alcohol/other rehabilitation.  I’m excited to start, although I suspect I have to wait until I have a car.

I also have a desire to volunteer at a nursing home.  I’ve done a lot of elder care and a lot of ministry with this demographic in the past, and it’s something that is often overlooked.

And, if that isn’t enough, I really want to get involved with adolescents (although this one surprises me the most).  I feel like I should be involved with those younger than me, with hopes of being a good role model or at least a positive influence in their lives.  Or something like that.

I actually think I could find the time to do all of those if the opportunities arise.  I just have to be more organized than I currently am, but it would be worth it.

So, steps to take:

1. Start at first ministry (get a car & attend orientation).
2. Find a church.
3. Call local nursing homes & see if I can come.
4. Find youth?  I’m not sure how to do this one outside of a church context.  Which leads back to the importance of Step 2.

Yes!  This could be possible.  I am sure of it.