I’ve applied for an incomplete for one of my courses.  It amounts to a course extension so that I have time to finish the big reflection paper for the class.  I tell you this, it is my backup plan.  If I can finish the book this weekend, I could pull a late night on Monday and have the paper ready for Tuesday.  I used to do that all the time in undergrad.  But I was younger then.

My history prof encouraged me to take Readings in Patristic Greek with him next Spring.  He said I’ll really like it and that if there’s not enough folk for a class, I can take it as an independent study.

One of my favorite faculty/staff from here has been laid off due to budget issues.  I am so incredibly sad about this.  What am I going to do next year if I can’t pop into his office for a chat?  I should like to say there are plenty of other places to cut costs, but what do I know.  Regardless, he’s here till the end of June, so I have a bit of time left.

Two weeks left.