In three weeks, I can dance again (I think).  However, I’ve decided that in the interest of living consistently with my faith, I can’t go blues dancing anymore.  While I love it (truly love it), it’s not exactly the most clean dance.  In fact, it’s pretty much pure sketch.  However, swing dancing, in my opinion, is a better option anyway.  My goal this summer will be to go dancing at least once a week, maybe twice if I can manage the time.  But probably just once.  And it will be great exercise, great fun, a great detox.

Speaking of healthy living choices (of which I think dancing is superb), I am trying to eat healthier.  I know, I know.  I say that a lot.  But this time I mean it.  My dad is doing the Atkin’s thing.  I don’t want to go hardcore Atkins by any means, but I do think that limiting my total carbs can’t hurt.  Especially the simple carbs, which  really means sugar since I rarely buy anything ‘white’ anymore.

One of the staff members here that I’m friends with doesn’t eat anything that has sugar listed in the top four ingredients.  It has to be fifth or more.*  That seems like a really simple rule for limiting sugar intake, something I definitely need to do.  I think I’m going to try it.

Now, of course, the thing is that I’m not a food waster.  So I have to work my way through some of the food I have here and will just make a slow change to healthier eating.

This could work.

[*I asked about things like peanut butter or yogurt.  Apparently you can grind your own peanuts at Fred Meyer to make peanut butter, which he claims is better than any peanut butter he’s ever had, and there is a carb smart yogurt or something that doesn’t have any added sugar.  He also threw in a tip about the Simply Fruit Jam by Smuckers, but I already buy that because I prefer natural sugars anyway.]