You want to know what I do for fun?

Yes, you do.  I know you do.

And so, in my kindness, I am going to let you know.

I write course schedules and life plans.  It’s true.  I have at least three different versions of course schedules for the next one to two years here.  And I mean both different degree options and different layouts.  I have it in lists; I have it in tables.  I know how to finish in one year, two years or three years.  One year would give me one an MABS.  Two years would give me one degree plus an MDiv equivalency.  Three years would give me one degree plus one equivalency plus my ThM.  (The slight problem is that after this coming fall, I have to decide because that is when things start to change depending on what I ultimately want.)

I plan and consider and erase and write in, and I love it.

Sometimes life throws you curve balls, which is why I’ve planned for all of those, too.  I plan out what I’ll do if I can’t finish or decide not to.  I plan on what I’d do if I was going to move, or if I was going to stay in the area.  These plans, naturally, are slightly more theoretical, so they rarely make it onto paper, but trust me when I say they exist in my mind.

Sometimes I call up one of my good friends and tell her I have a new life plan.  As soon as I’ve told her the plan (which generally has a very unrealistic time line), she tells me I’d better get on it if I’m going to accomplish it.  I like that she never tells me they won’t happen, even though we both know that’s true.

Just how much of a nerd does this make me?