Today I took my last final of the semester, and it was awesome.  It was a group final, open notes and experiential (for my Growth & Development through Life Stages class).  We were going to become old folk for the final.  So, the professor gave us saran wrap to bunch up, layer twice and wrap over our eyes.  We had cotton balls in our ears.  On our hands we had socks, then rubber gloves over those.  Half of us were immobile, the other half could walk.  (There are six of us in class.)  We had to also have at our desks our “medicine” and two snacks (pudding and applesauce).

The final was on the overhead, but written in no more than 8pt font, I swear.  Not that any of us could read it from our seats, but no one could read it up front, either.  When we figured out what the question was, we had to write the answer down, using our non-dominant hand.  But at the most inconvenient moments (we didn’t hardly ever actually finish a question), the prof would announce it was snack time or time for medicine.  Then we had to somehow get our snack open, or figure out which pill (skittles) to take (which half were the wrong ones).  And the whole time, the prof, our caregiver, never had any time to help us.  Nor did it matter what we wanted or not.

It was probably the most interesting final I have ever taken.  It was also pass/fail and all of us passed, naturally.  Our debriefing afterwards was key.  Such a good illustration.

[Incidentally, the two of us single gals in the class realized that we’d better get on getting husbands and having kids–we’re going to need someone to take care of us in our old age! haha]