These last few days I’ve been doing nothing of consequence, just having fun.  And I feel guilty for it, even though it is legitimate: school is done, I can’t move for another week, I can’t work yet, so I really don’t have to do anything.  And yet, on Monday, I intend to start getting things done: planning my Sunday Fun Days, planning my Greek summer review, planning my coursework for the summer class I’m taking (has to be done before class in June) and perhaps even going through my room and doing some pre-packing/chucking stuff I’m don’t need.

So here is what I have done, so you know I’m, ahem, keeping myself busy: I went shopping, and I went on the end of year dinner cruise.  I didn’t need to go shopping, but boy was it fun.  For a total of $60, I purchased a pair of capris, a summer dress (I’m a sucker for summer dresses), an adorable top, a cami for the top, a tank top and a zip up jacket.   For the dinner cruise, I did my hair, my make-up, I wore a nice dress and heels; I looked smokin’.  Or, at least, as close to smokin’ as I’m able to be.

Oh, I also went to financial aid and fixed my loans.  For some reason, the night of my wreck, when I was on Oxycontin, I decided it was a good time to accept the awards school had offered me.  So I accepted all of the loans, even though I didn’t need all of them.  Oops.  Who knows why that seemed like such a priority that night, but it did.

So now, I’m sitting in my pjs, on Saturday morning, drinking my coffee and wondering: what will I do today?