I’m finally reading the Lord of the Rings books, starting with The Hobbit.  I’ve never read them, so this will be a fun journey (yes, I have seen the movies).

I’m also moved into my new apartment.  And I even have stuff put away.  Phew!  Every time I move, I seriously consider minimalism as a lifestyle.

Plus, work starts tomorrow.  And in another week, I’ll be on the carpet crew again.  Oi.  Back to real life, I guess.

However, I had this great idea for the summer: I want a summer boyfriend.  Someone to go round with me, have adventures, that sort of thing.  And if it doesn’t work out, then, adios in the Fall when school starts.   Now, where to find one…

Finally, I tried yet another new church, and this one has hope!  It’s a lot like my old church, and I hear the lead pastors are friends.  One of the other pastors at home recommended it to my parents for me to try.  So it could be that I will end up at another Foursquare church.  Maybe I’m Foursquare and I’ve just never known it.  It could be true.  Who knows.  But I need a church to call home.