A quick aside: Is 8:30pm too early for pjs and bed?  I hope not.

But what I really wonder about is why everyone thinks I’m so disciplined.  I hear from friends all the time that I’m disciplined, that I’m motivated, that I get things done.  But  I’m not sure I agree.  Yes, I’ve made a ridiculous schedule for my summer, with the intention of getting a lot of stuff accomplished, but it is day 4 and I am more or less behind already.  (Although I have every intention of catching up on Saturday.)

I think people mistake discipline for plans.  And I am a master planner.  I can plan anything and make plans just for fun, more than anything.  Even if I deviate from my plan, I simply feel better knowing one is in place.  It doesn’t have to happen; it just has to be there.

Maybe the discipline is that I sit and make the plans?  But the real discipline is following through.  Full time work, summer class homework, Greek review, summer fun reading, summer thesis reading, Sunday Fun Days, daily Bible reading…  It takes every available moment of the day to get through my daily list, which does not leave time for errands or friends.  So if I have to run an errand or want to see a friend, poof, goodbye accomplishment.

Maybe what I should do is stop signing myself up for so much stuff to do.  Especially on beautiful days like today when all you want to do is put on a summer dress and go enjoy the sun.  (Which, incidentally, I did.)