All of my grades were finally posted: 2 A’s and 2 A-‘s.  I’m happy.  That’s a 3.85 gpa, which brings my overall up to a 3.76.  Now, if I can keep them like that, we’ll be doing good.

I was talking with one of my friends today about guys, and he suggested that I sabotage myself.  This was not new information.  Something about setting up relationships to fail.   I told him about the great love of my life and how I think most of it relates back to that, to not wanting to hurt like that again, and so making sure I can’t.  But even I realize the ridiculousness of such a thing.

That said, I might be meeting a boy from eharmony next weekend.  I didn’t want to set a time, so we haven’t set a time or even a specific day, although we did pick the venue (my favourite Starbucks).  He wanted to meet this weekend, but I’m going home (yay).  Plus, although we seem to get along pretty well so far, I’m just not so sure about actually meeting him.  Pros: we have great conversation, he seems interesting, intelligent, kind, etc.  Cons: thespian, likes anime (my previously mentioned friend says I have to ask him if he has a sword).  The whole idea of meeting someone just seems ridiculous.  I  know I signed up for it, but to amuse myself more than anything.  I still subscribe to the preferred idea of friends first.

So, okay.  I’ll meet this guy, perhaps we’ll go out a few times, then that will be that.  Or maybe he could be my summer boyfriend.  And if he works out, I can extend his time.  (I might have made the terrible joke of ‘lease to own’ when talking with my friend. oops, haha)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: There are reasons I’m still single.