Being home for the weekend is nice.  I’m actually here until Tuesday, which is even nicer.  I mean, there are irritating parts of being at home with my family, but for short times, it’s not so bad.  And the really good part is having friends again.  I spent the entire day (12 hours, no joke) with some friends of mine yesterday (married couple with two little ones).  It was fantastic.  They are definitely some of my favourite people here.

Today my plan is to stay home, get homework done, go to evening service, then have a movie night with my sister.  Tomorrow I will spend most of the day with my brother and his family.  Then tomorrow night I’ll watch the play rehearsal that my mom and sister are in, since I can’t come home for the show.

I would love to move back, provided I wasn’t living with my folks anymore.  If only I didn’t know that God wanted me at seminary, I would be back in a heartbeat.  But as it is, until He says otherwise, there I am.