If you can believe it, I just got my first cold in over a year.  Why it waited to hit me until June is beyond my comprehension, but I do not appreciate the gesture.  It’s been unfortunate to have to work whilst feeling slightly under the weather, but work I will.  We’re re-finishing a floor this weekend, so I’m actually on break at the moment, since we’re doing a swing shift tonight and a day shift tomorrow (Saturday).  It’s kind of gross, but the work itself isn’t bad.

On another topic: good golly, I am entirely too reactionary most of the time.  I don’t know why, at my age, I’m not staid and settled, but goodness I’m not.  It also amazes me when those in my life put up with my ridiculousness and love me anyway.  That will be a good test for a man someday.  (Incidentally, the fellow I am supposed to meet tomorrow night has already endured a wee bit of this.  I might have already canceled the meeting, then re-instated it, and he seems fine with the fact that I am certifiably nuts.  Maybe there’s something wrong with him?)

Well.  Here’s to working Friday night and all day Saturday.  You can’t get much better than this.