Can we call the Holy Spirit a ‘she?’  NT Wright does, as do many others.  My historical theology professor says ‘no.’  He says that by using the pronoun ‘she,’ we have introduced gender into the Trinity; whereas by only using ‘he,’ we aren’t using gender.  That seems problematic to me.  (Or, it could be that perhaps I am tired of not feeling included in my religion.  I am tired of always being the gender who gets the short end of the stick.)  He suggests, for one reason against this, that by allowing the Holy Spirit to be a ‘she’ we open the door to the possibility of the Holy Spirit being seen as a Mother, who with the Father begat the Son.  (A slippery slope argument.)  He also looks at the history of worship (in that how we worship shows what we believe) and throughout the history of the Church, we have worshiped God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit as masculine.  So by changing it, he is afraid we will do damage to our faith.

Can we come up with a gender neutral pronoun, then?  I want to be included as much as I am excluded.

One of my friends blogged about this recently.  I don’t think he answered all the questions, but I do think he postulated some interesting ideas.  Check it out.

I’m not really sure where I sit on this.  But I do know that the longer I stay in academic theological learning, the more I want to be recognized by my gender in my own faith.  And I’m not sure how that’s supposed to look.