I’m making a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30.  Obviously I won’t start until after I turn 29 (in 6 days!).  But I wanted a realistic list of goals, be they fun, serious or ridiculous, to entertain myself with during my last year in my 20’s.  I’m the type of person who freaks out about things, so I thought it’d be fun to have something to work toward, then it won’t feel so intimidating.  So far, I only have two things on my official list, and one on my list of bonuses (thanks to a friend for that amazing suggestion–all the things I want to do but either have no control over or that are unrealistic).  The two on the official list are thus: lose 25 pounds and write 30 letters.

Any ideas?  Suggestions?  Other than not to do it.  I’m not the type to feel a failure if I don’t accomplish my goals.  Although, I’m also not the type to fail to accomplish my goals.  Take that as you will.