I’m going to do it.  I’m going to either quit my job or drop my hours.  I talked to my bosses yesterday, so today we’ll talk again.  This means that, conceivably, I should be done in Spring 2012 (not without quite some work on my part).  What?  I’m not ready for that.  I’m terrified of the thought of the real world.  But I am reminding myself that it will not become easier if I put it off.

The things that scare me, that terrify me, that make me feel as if I could never manage: those are things I tend to put off and put off and put off.  But in all the putting off, they only grow larger in my mind; whereas, if I could simply take a step backward and look at them objectively, I could see that they’re not half of what they seem.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God wants me at seminary, that He wanted me to come and to pursue this degree.  So if I believe that, I must believe that He will guide my steps and that He will be with me every bit of the way.

I believe.  I must.