*Note: There is a point system attached, but I didn’t bother including that.  Also, my paper list has a few things more specific than the online version.  But here it is, in most of it’s glory, ready to be accomplished.

30 Before 30

1. Lose 25 pounds

2. Write 30 letters
+pts if to 30 different people

3. Watch all the Harry Potter Movies in one weekend

4. Finish Thesis

5. Memorize Nicene Creed

6. Read 10 new non-school related books

7. Walk the neighbor’s goats

8. Go to a concert

9. Eat vegetarian for 2 weeks

10. Don’t drink coffee for one month

11. Drink a beer every night for a week
+pts per new beer

12. Memorize the Greek & Hebrew alphabet

13. Try a new food every month

14. Go to the zoo; talk to the animals

15. Join a community group at church

16. Finish Mom’s scarf

17. Visit one new place a month

18. Go to my local science museum
+pts for the exhibit also

19. Go dancing at least once a month

20. Visit Forks & pretend to be a Twilight fan
+pts for wearing Twilight paraphernalia

21. Blog every day for one month

22. Learn the Shim Sham

23. Go tanning at least once this winter

24. Smoke a cigar

25. Throw a party

26. Don’t sabotage the next potential relationship
(if there is one)

27. Push all the buttons in an elevator, then get off
+pts if it’s over 15 floors

28. Write poetry

29. Go to a swing dancing workshop

30. Go to a fancy donut shop

Bonus List

Kiss a man
+pts if he’s wearing plaid
-pts if we’ve been drinking

Go to ETS in California

Go to Harry Potter World

Get a puppy

Have a reason not to smoke a pipe

Reform a baby alligator (so it doesn’t eat people)