I think I am losing my mind.

Yesterday morning, I set out a half of a chicken breast on the window sill to start thawing, with the intention of popping it into the fridge before I left for work.  I completely forgot and when I got home, there it was, a sad, little, warm chicken breast.  Some of you might be willing to use it still, but I am too paranoid about food poisoning, so I had to start over.  And if you remember I don’t use microwaves, you will know why this was doubly disappointing: wasted food, plus a late dinner.

This morning, I put the beans to boil that I’d soaked overnight and needed for dinner tonight.  Only I wasn’t thinking and let them go too long, and they burned to the bottom of the pan.  So I had to set out a new batch to soak while I was at work.  They’re boiling now, with the timer on.  Only, when I first put them on to boil, I turned on the wrong burner, so I when went to check and see if they were boiling, the front burner was hot and my pan was doing nothing.

I blame the heat.  It’s just so stinkin’ hot, how is anyone supposed to think straight?